Dr. Shannon Fogg, Professor and Chair

Shannon Fogg, chair of the Department of History and Political Science, is a European historian who specializes in the history of Modern France from the Enlightenment to the present with an emphasis on social history. More specifically, her research focuses on daily life in France during the Second World War. Her first book, The Politics of Daily Life in Vichy France: Foreigners, Undesirables and Strangers, focuses on the effects of shortages on attitudes towards the French government and towards minority groups such as Jews and Gypsies. Her most recent book, Stealing Home: Looting, Restitution, and Reconstructing Jewish Lives in France, 1942-1947, explores the looting of Jewish apartments in Paris during World War II and the restitution of goods after the war.

Dr. Fogg teaches a range of classes at Missouri S&T including Modern Western Civilization, Contemporary Europe, The Making of Modern France, Europe in the age of the French Revolution and Napoleon, Nazi Germany & the Holocaust, Twentieth-Century War and Gender in Europe, and the History of Africa.  She is also a strong supporter of Study Abroad; she taught the History of London and Paris and Politics and Culture in Twentieth-Century Europe in the Missouri London Program during Spring 2009 and led a summer study abroad trip to Paris and Normandy in 2013 (see blogs about her trip to Paris at the Miners Abroad website).  She also serves as the department’s transfer advisor, is on various campus committees, and is a member of the editorial board for the journal French Historical Studies.  


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