Recent faculty books:

Michael Bruening, A Reformation Sourcebook: Documents from an Age of Debate (University of Toronto Press, 2017).

Shannon Fogg, Stealing Home: Looting, Restitution, and Reconstructing Jewish Lives in France, 1942-1947 (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Diana Ahmad, Success Depends on the Animals: Emigrants, Livestock, and Wild Animals on the Overland Trails, 1840-1869 (University of Nevada Press, 2016).

Tseggai Isaac and Andrew Targowski, eds., African Civilization in the 21st Century (Nova, 2015).

Larry Gragg, Benjamin "Bugsy"Siegel: The Gangster, the Flamingo, and the Making of Modern Las Vegas (Praeger, 2015).

Patrick Huber, Steve Goodson, and David Anderson, The Hank Williams Reader (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Kathleen Sheppard, The Life of Margaret Alice Murray (Lexington Books, 2013).

Larry Gragg, Bright Light City: Las Vegas in Popular Culture (University Press of Kansas, 2012).

Michael Bruening, Epistolae Petri Vireti: The Previously Unpublished Letters and a Register of Pierre Viret's Correspondence (Droz, 2012).

Petra DeWitt, Degrees of Allegiance: Harassment and Loyalty in Missouri's German-American Community during World War I (Ohio University Press, 2012).

Michael Meagher and Larry Gragg, John F. Kennedy: A Biography, Greenwood Biographies (Santa Barbara: Greenwood, 2011).

Jeff Schramm, Out of Steam: Dieselization and American Railroads 1920-1960 (Lehigh University Press, 2010).

Larry Gragg, The Quaker Community on Barbados: Challenging the Culture of the Planter Class (University of Missouri Press, 2009).

Shannon Fogg, The Politics of Everyday Life in Vichy France: Foreigners, Undesirables, and Strangers (Cambridge University Press, 2008), also in paperback. 

Patrick Huber, Linthead Stomp: The Creation of Country Music in the Piedmont South (University of North Carolina Press, 2008).

Russell Buhite, Douglas MacArthur: Statecraft and Stagecraft in America's East Asian Policy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008).

Diana Ahmad, The Opium Debate and Chinese Exclusion Laws in the Nineteenth-Century American West (University of Nevada, 2007).

Michael Bruening, Calvinism's First Battleground: Conflict and Reform in the Pays de Vaud, 1528-1559 (Springer, 2005), also in French translation as Le Premier Champs de Bataille du Calvinisme .

Patrick Huber and Kathleen Drowne, The 1920s: American Popular Culture Through History (Greenwood, 2004).