History programs

As a history student, you’ll be learning from some of the most respected history scholars in the country in an intimate setting. And you’ll have the opportunity to do research alongside these accomplished historians.

The history and political science department offers a Bachelor of Arts in History, as well as minors in history, political science, science, technology, and politics, and pre-law. As a history major, you can also couple a Bachelor of Arts in History with a secondary teacher education certificate, which certifies you to teach history in grades 9-12 in the state.

What will I be studying?

As a history student, you’ll take a variety of courses that emphasize the importance of people, their individual choices, their values and how they see themselves and their world. This varied course of study includes fundamental survey courses, specific chronological or topical investigations, and special topic seminars.

You’ll get insight into contemporary social, political, economic and intellectual problems. And you’ll leave the program with an increased awareness of the world and a better understanding of your place in it.

Undergraduate degrees offered

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in History – Offers a broad history education, including numerous electives and courses in American and European history.  (Scroll down for information on the Bachelor of Science.)

Minors offered